Wheelchair Rugby

Wooden Spoon, the children’s charity of rugby, launches its wheelchair rugby campaign: Supporting tomorrow’s superstars.

Wooden Spoon aims to raise enough money to buy a rugby wheelchair for every wheelchair rugby club in the UK and Ireland, to encourage more people to get into the sport.

We met some of tomorrow’s superstars, Grace, Josh and Charlie at their respective rugby clubs. Find out more about their story below:

Grace, 24, Dorset Destroyers – Wheelchair rugby has changed my life – Supporting Tomorrow’s Superstars – Wooden Spoon. 

After being left paralysed two year’s ago in a car accident, Grace has turned her life around and is now hoping to play in the Tokyo Paralympics in 2020.

Josh, 13, North East Bulls – Wheelchair rugby means I can get stronger and better – Supporting Tomorrow’s Superstars – Wooden Spoon

Josh has cerebral palsy but this does not limit him in anything he does. He has dreams and they are big.

Wheelchair rugby shows me what is possible – Charlie, 22, Gloucester Wheelchair Rugby Club 

In Charlie’s own words, “If you asked anyone at my school, who would be the LEAST likely person to be playing in a sporting team it would be me. And now I am playing wheelchair rugby for the Team GB development squad.”