Trevor’s story

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For 17-year-old Trevor, his ‘season’ of setbacks is something he’ll most likely have to live with for the rest of his life.

As a new-born baby, Trevor was moved to hospitals across the East Midlands before receiving his first major surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester at just eight days old. Since then he’s spent most of his life in and out of hospital having operation after operation to help him manage his congenital heart condition.

Even at his young age, he embodies so many of the tenacious qualities and cheerful banter we love and respect in our rugby family. He also shows great compassion for the younger patients he sees on the ward when he says:

“I think of this four-year-old lad I know who’s had a transplant. I love him to bits. He doesn’t deserve that.”

There’s great news for Trevor and thousands of other children and young people in the East Midlands as plans are well underway to build the first, stand-alone children’s hospital in the region.

What’s more, Wooden Spoon is playing a vital part by funding a special teenage space for young people like Trevor in the Cardiac Outpatients Waiting Area. This is a brilliant opportunity for us to help ensure the hospital is designed around the specific needs of young patients and their families and carers.

As Trevor says:

“The waiting area is somewhere that can really help you feel much calmer. Being around screaming young children can be really stressful, but being around other people your own age makes you feel much less anxious. You can be in your own world or talk to other teenagers there and it can feel so much less lonely. It feels like it’s not just happening to you, and the other young people understand how you might feel.”

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