Wooden Spoon needs you now

To volunteer for Wooden Spoon all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to help. Our volunteers are integral to the success of the Wooden Spoon vision and a small commitment from you could make a huge difference to local children living near you.

Wooden Spoon, the children's charity of rugby

Why we need you

  • There are currently 7% of children living with a disability and 30% of children living in poverty in the UK & Ireland.
  • Every year, we fund around 100 life-changing projects. However, the need is growing and there is still so much more we can do.
  • We want every child and young person, no matter what their background to have access to the same opportunities.

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Ways that you can make a difference.

  • Become part of a regional volunteer group: Our regional volunteer groups focus on raising funds for projects in their local communities, find one near you.
  • Find your inner DIY skills. Be part of a team building a recreational area for children living in your local area, in just one day. Watch this video.
  • Help at events: Hand out literature, cheer on our challengers and promote local events.
  • Take on your own personal challenge to raise funds.

The benefits to you.

  • There is nothing to beat the feeling when you see the smiles on the faces of the children who are enjoying the facilities that you have helped to create.
  • You’ll have fun and will meet some truly inspiring people along the way.
  • Every penny you raise in your local area will fund projects locally. This enables you to see the impact you are having on children and young people living near you.
  • If you are a bit of a rugby fan, you’ll enjoy rubbing shoulders with some of your heroes from this great game.

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If volunteering for Wooden Spoon sounds like something you would enjoy, we would love to hear from you.

Alternatively, please get in touch by email volunteer@woodenspoon.org.uk or give us a call on 01252 773 720 and get involved with Wooden Spoon.