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Since 1983, we have committed in excess of £31 million to 1,465 projects, and have supported over one and a half million children and young people living with a disability, who are disengaged, or who are disadvantaged.

Wooden Spoon children's charity of rugby

You can become a part of this success story.

If your project is in the UK or Ireland and shares our aim of making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people, it may be eligible for a Wooden Spoon grant (Wooden Spoon project beneficiaries must be a group. Wooden Spoon cannot make grants to individuals).

If a project is a physical, tangible asset, of a permanent nature the following must apply:

• It must have a minimum predicted life-span of five years, be non transferable and of a permanent nature
• Grants will not be considered for salaries, administration costs, professional fees and on-going overheads related to a capital project

If a project is educational or disability sports focused the following must apply:

• It must have a clearly defined project brief to include detail on: description of project need and objectives, stakeholders, description of participants (age, gender, geography), recruitment of participants, project activity and budget, legacy planning, monitoring and evaluation and finally reporting to Wooden Spoon

Applying for a grant

Step 1: To find out if an organisation close to your heart is eligible for funding, please download the qualifying criteria here.

Step 2: Please complete our expression of wish form for an initial assessment by our projects team, after which one of our team will be in touch within a month.

Expression of Wish

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