We work hard to ensure the money we receive is used efficiently and effectively to improve children’s lives. Read more about our achievements in the latest issue of our magazine, Spoonews, in our Impact Reports and our About Us leaflet.

Our Publications


Spoonews Spring/Summer 2021

Wooden Spoon Impact Report 2018/19

Please click here to view or download: Wooden Spoon Impact Report 2018/19


Spoonews Autumn/Winter 2020

Spoonews Spring/Summer 2020

Spoonews Autumn/Winter 2019 – O’Neills Kit Design

Spoonews Spring/Summer 2019

Impact Report 2017-18

Spoonews Autumn/Winter 2018

Spoonews Spring/Summer 2018

Wooden Spoon Impact Report 2016-17

Spoonews Autumn/Winter 2017

Wooden Spoon Outcomes Report 2015-16

Wooden Spoon Outcomes Report 2014-15

Outcomes Report

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