Wooden Spoon Kent Chairman

Richard Russ

Honorary President

Mick Skinner

Thanks to an enduring relationship with our local rugby club and a diverse calendar of events, we have raised more than £870,000 for children with disabilities, or facing disadvantage.

Our drive to support those in need locally was demonstrated by a £85,000 donation to the Sunrise Children’s Centre in Southborough. The money funded a specially adapted playground and sensory garden at the state-of-the-art day centre for children with learning or physical disabilities.

In 2019, we were able to fund £25,000 towards a refurbishment of a hydrotherapy pool at Abbey Court School.

Some pupils there will learn how to swim and gain confidence in the pool. For others, it is their moment to feel freedom of movement that is not always possible outside of the pool. Overall, this has had a positive effect to their development, and helps them feel more relaxed, alert and happy.

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