Wooden Spoon Cumbria Chairman

John Cunningham

Since the formation of Wooden Spoon Cumbria in 2002, we have granted more than £120,000 to projects supporting children with disabilities or facing disadvantage.

Local projects are gifted grants only through money we raise locally. These projects help support children and their families, from nurture rooms to specialist dinghies.

We gave a donation of £42,000 to Eden Valley Hospice towards the creation of a sensory room in the children’s wing. This is just one demonstration of how we are helping to improve lives locally.

Please click on events below to see what’s coming up near you. You can view examples of projects we have funded through the projects tab.

Wooden Spoon Cumbria has funded a range of projects from sensory rooms to a nurture room. Click Region projects for Cumbria to see the full listing