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Putting the Wheels in Motion

Bristol & Bath

For children at Evergreen Primary School, Bristol, it’s not as easy as riding a bike; the urban landscape has limited safe spaces to practise, and most don’t have access to bicycles or safety helmets.
Wooden Spoon Bath, Bristol & Somerset granted £3,000 for bikes so the children have the opportunity to learn to ride at school.

Arame, in Year 5, tells us what it means to her:

“Learning to ride a bike is so exciting. I’ve never been on one before and Miss Gilbert says it is a lifelong skill. We can support the environment by riding a bike as there is no pollution and eventually, when I have learnt, I can cycle around for fun too. My parents don’t cycle, and they don’t know how to, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put a bike at home, so it is good we can learn at Evergreen.”

Moise, in Year 4, explains:

“I like that we get to do this with our class as I can help other children to balance. My teacher shows me how to look after the bike, brake safely and be aware of the things around me. “Miss Gilbert let go the other day and I cycled all on my own for about 15 seconds. I felt so proud. I like that I for life – it’s better for the environment than cars. I want to learn how to ride a bike because it looks like so much fun! I see other kids riding their bikes in the park, and it makes me want to join them. I won’t have to pay for the bus or a taxi to go places. “I like the feel of the wind in my hair. Plus, learning to ride a bike is like a big adventure, and I absolutely love doing it!”