Our Grants

Since 1983, we have committed in excess of £28 million to 1,000 projects, and our enduring drive to support children with disabilities or facing disadvantage has benefited more than one million lives.

You can become a part of this success story. To find out if an organisation close to your heart is eligible for funding, take a tour of our targets below:


Health and wellbeing

We believe no child should miss out on the health and wellbeing benefits of sport.


Sensory rooms and gardens

We want to enthral, engage and excite young minds by stimulating children’s senses.


Specialist equipment and facilities

We provide firm foundations for brighter futures by backing building works and tackling transport and activity aids.


Playgrounds and outdoor activities

We value the power of play in learning new skills.


Education projects

We actively engage socially disadvantaged children and young people not in education, employment or training.

To find out more visit Apply Here, contact projects@woodenspoon.org.uk or call 01252 773720.