Give up something you love this November to help raise money to support vulnerable children and young people.

Whether it’s alcohol, coffee or chocolate, ask your friends and family to sponsor you or donate the money you save from cutting it out your life. Treat it as a personal challenge or take it on with your household or rugby club and conquer the cravings together!

No-vember will not only save you money and make you feel great, it will also make a difference to vulnerable children and young people at a time they need it most.

Up for the challenge?

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The difference you will make

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our fundraising this year which, in turn, will impact the number of projects we can fund to support vulnerable children living in our local communities. We have been asking people to support us in an alternative way during this difficult time, such as joining our membership scheme, making a donation or virtually fundraising.

By taking part in No-vember, you’ll be raising money to help make a difference in your local community. Your rugby charity is here to support you every step of the way.