There are over 10 million disabled people in the UK – 770,000 of these are children.

Only 18% of people with a disability are taking part in sport compared to 39% of non-disabled people.

The high costs are a major barrier for parents their children to participate in disabled sports like wheelchair rugby.


Wheelchair rugby changes young people’s lives

Wheelchair rugby is inclusive – anyone with a disability in their arms and legs can play. It is one of the few disabled sports young people can play, with younger players starting at 8, both boys and girls.

Wheelchair rugby improves player’s strength, fitness, balance and general wellbeing. But not only that, it helps drive ambition and enables players to get the best out of themselves opening up doors they never thought possible.

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This campaign is just the start. Your support will enable us to get more young people into wheelchair rugby over the next five years and help create tomorrow’s superstars.