Climb your own Everest

Our challengers will be tackling Mount Everest and you can join them!

Writhlington School climbing wall

Writhlington School climbing wall

By signing up to Climb Your Own Everest (8,848 metres) as an individual or as a team, you can get a taste of the challenge whilst raising funds for Wooden Spoon.

You can get involved within your company, local rugby club or school by:

  • Climbing 8,848 metres or 3,871 flights of stairs during your break or lunch hour
  • Reaching 8,848 metres on your local leisure centre climbing wall
  • Walking or running up and down your rugby pitch 89 times
  • Walking 8,848 metres or 58,070 steps
  • Running a 8,848 metre relay event
  • Challenging the office next door or nearby school to an “Everest off!”

Run, walk, cycle, swim, row or climb – there’s loads of ways to make the metres! For example, Natterbox Limited staff collectively climbed Mount Everest… in Croydon!

Take part by yourself, with friends, family, school or colleagues.

Good luck, thank you so much for your support and don’t forget to keep us up to date on your progress.

Join in the fun and contact us on