Training Plan

James O’Malley from Fusion Community Initiatives has compiled an excellent training plan for all those taking part in the Everest Rugby Challenge.

Preparing for Everest – introduction

The ultimate goal, and highlight of this trip, is arriving at Advanced Base Camp used on the North Side of Everest, ready to play a game of sevens or full contact rugby. Here you stand just below the North Col from where the sheer grandeur of Everest’s north face smacks you in the face!

This trek takes you as close to the summit of Everest as any non-climber can go. As such, training for Everest North – Advanced Base Camp shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Mount Everest Advance Base Camp (EABC) not to be confused with Everest Base Camp is approached from Tibet and is the highest that one can go on Everest without a climbing permit. It’s also the world’s highest trek on an established trail.

A combination of cardiovascular endurance, strength training and hiking is vital to prepare for the trek.

Nothing can truly prepare you for the altitude

It’s approximately 22 km (12 miles) of trekking from Everest Base Camp 17,598 ft (5,364 metres) to Advanced Base Camp but you gain (4,300 ft / 1,310 m). This is a substantial distance at this high elevation, but you can make your trek easier with proper training and by reaching a fitness level capable of trekking with a day sack on your back. That’s my goal before beginning my trek to Everest North – Advanced Base Camp Nepal.

Important note: Please always consult with your doctor before embarking on a training regime.

Training Plan overview

In brief, James’ training plan for Everest covers the following topics:

  • How to train for Everest North – Advanced Base Camp Trek
  • Training Regimen
  • Recommended kit, including boots, day sack, training mask
  • Recommended Training, including key exercises
  • Cardiovascular Training for Advanced Base Camp
  • Trekking conditioning for Advanced Base Camp
  • Altitude Training for Advanced Base Camp

Click on Training Plan (May 2018) to read the full plan and download for ease of reference.