Egg and Wooden Spoon

Who’s ready for a good old Egg and (Wooden) Spoon race? Take on this classic game with your school, rugby club or work place and see who scrambles to the finish line!

Here’s what happened when the DMP Sharks took on the challenge:


Here’s what you have to do:

Step 1 – Set up your online fundraising page and ask for donations to enter the race or get friends and family to sponsor.

Step 2 – Get your spoons. We can provide you with wooden spoons to participate in this egg-citing race.

Step 3 – Race! Enjoy our tackling twist on the traditional game but if that isn’t for you, you can simply play by your own rules.

Rules of the game:

  • Make sure you have more runners than tacklers (1 tackler to every 2 runners)
  • Use a wide space for your race e.g. half a rugby pitch
  • If you drop your egg, pick it up and start again
  • First one to reach the other side…wins!

We want you to share your cracking race highlights with us. Whether a victory video or snapshot of the scramble to the finish line, keep us informed of your stirring support by using #EggAndWoodenSpoon on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.