Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness: Amber Transformative Support for Young People

For many young people, childhood trauma and domestic violence are precursors to homelessness. The instability and insecurity of sofa surfing or living in hostels can erode self-confidence and mental health, creating a challenging cycle to escape. However, organisations like Amber are providing a beacon of hope and a pathway to independence. Situated on the Surrey/Sussex borders in Ockley, Amber offers a temporary home and round-the-clock support aimed at transforming lives.

Amber Mission and Impact

Amber focuses on helping young people transition from homelessness to independent living through comprehensive support and development programs. The success of Amber approach is evident, with 77% of residents moving on to independent housing, employment, or education. The core of Amber program is structured around four key themes: Health & Wellbeing, Personal Development, Independent Living, and Education & Employability. This holistic approach ensures that each individual is equipped with the necessary tools to build a sustainable and independent future.

Kieran’s Journey

Kieran’s story is a testament to the transformative power of Amber support. Before coming to Farm Place, Kieran’s life was spiralling out of control, and his family connections were deteriorating. At Amber, he found a supportive environment where he could work on his personal development and rebuild his relationships.

Rebuilding and Learning

At Amber, Kieran received the support he needed to address his mental health and personal struggles. He engaged in activities that promoted independence, such as learning to cook from scratch and managing a budget through workshops. The guidance from Team Leaders played a crucial role in his progress. “My Team Leader has been amazing,” Kieran shared, highlighting the importance of having someone to confide in and receive practical advice from.

Gaining New Skills

One of the pivotal experiences for Kieran was participating in the VIY (Volunteer It Yourself) refurbishment project at Farm Place. This project provided hands-on learning opportunities where Kieran acquired City & Guilds qualifications. “It was so good to be there with your music on, learning new skills,” he recalled. Through this project, he learned valuable life skills, including painting and using power tools.

A Bright Future

Kieran’s hard work and the support from Amber have set him on a promising path. He is now pursuing an Open University degree in Biology and moving closer to his family. Reflecting on his journey, Kieran expressed gratitude for the encouragement he received: “The Team Leaders got me back into Uni, they encouraged me to enrol and had faith in me when I didn’t.”


Kieran’s experience illustrates the profound impact of Amber comprehensive support system. By focusing on holistic development and providing unwavering support, Amber helps young people not only break free from the cycle of homelessness but also rebuild their lives and achieve their dreams. As Kieran aptly put it, “Amber has changed me for the better and got me my family back.” This success story is a powerful reminder of the importance of supportive communities in transforming lives and fostering independence.