Wooden Spoon Partners with Knight Knox

As part of their ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young people, Knight Knox have partnered with Wooden Spoon.

We are delighted to have partnered with Wooden Spoon, a renowned charity with a rich history of over the last 40 years, dedicated to transforming the lives of children and young people facing profound physical or social disadvantages. Their mission is simple yet powerful: to harness the spirit and camaraderie of the rugby community to generate funds and support projects that empower young lives.

We recognise the immense importance of providing opportunities and support to the next generation. Wooden Spoon shares this vision, and together, we are dedicated to building a brighter future for disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

With a strong focus on the values of integrity, passion, and teamwork – values that resonate deeply with Knight Knox – Wooden Spoon operates across the UK and Ireland, channelling the generosity of rugby enthusiasts, businesses, and individuals to make a real difference. Through our partnership, we aim to amplify their impact and contribute to projects that provide essential facilities, equipment, and opportunities for children and young people with disabilities or facing other significant challenges.”

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