Mount Stuart Primary School

Take one famous multi-cultural primary school with a rich history – add a world-famous adventurer and Welsh Rugby International – sprinkle a little magic from Wooden Spoon and their supporters …… result? One of the most amazing play areas we’ve ever funded in Wales!  

Mount Stuart Primary is famously the school that gave Wales its first black headteacher, Betty Campbell, but it is more than its history. Today, 95% of the children are from majority global heritages and there are more than 40 languages spoken at the school. Head teacher, Helen Borley, and nursery teacher, Debbie Davies approached us to discuss the possibility of replacing the old play equipment for the nursery children. We were thrilled by their vision to create a sustainable play area with equipment formed from a single fallen tree. The result would not only be beautiful, but also provide a range of challenges for the children to test themselves and enjoy their play time.  

Who better to open an adventure area, than former rugby International & record-breaking explorer Richard Parks? Richard’s relationship with the school goes back some way, and he was delighted to be able to come in to cut the ribbon, meet parents and to talk about the importance of this type of equipment. “Play is the gateway to adventure” as he put it. 

Richard explained, “Helen and the team at Mount Stuart Primary School are a source of inspiration to me, and I know to the children that they teach. There’s a deep understanding that the school serves its community through the kids, beyond their academic needs, it’s a safe, healthy and happy place. Not without its challenges, I’m sure! However, Helen and the team nurture confident, curious and self-aware young boys and girls, all proud to be future Welsh generations. The play area donated by Wooden Spoon is a perfect addition to the school.”  

Helen Borley added, “We are all thrilled with our new play area; it’s sustainable, natural, and beautiful, but more importantly the children love it. Without the support from Wooden Spoon, this project would not have happened and from all the pupils at Mount Stuart we would like to offer huge thanks.” 

Wooden Spoon Wales are grateful as always for the support of the south Wales business & rugby community which allows us to fund projects such as this.