Collaborative project with Securitas Technology, and Fusion Initiatives takes shape

On April 12th and 13th, Securitas Technology celebrated its formation by building a new outside space at The Walnuts School, Milton Keynes, in collaboration with Fusion Initiatives and Wooden Spoon.

A team of 25 employees from Securitas Technology were tasked with planning and developing the school’s new outside space to provide the children with a sensory playground.

Outside spaces like this one are vital to schools like The Walnuts School, which support children and young people, with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or a Social Communication difficulty.

Head of School, Lisa Munro explains: “For young people with Autism, access to outdoor areas is vital. This will help young people regulate their emotions, learn to interact with each other and have fun, improving their educational experience.

We’d like to thank all involved at Securitas Technology for making this happen and making a difference to our students’ learning experience.”

Deputy Headteacher, Mike Russell echoed these sentiments explaining that by coming down to the sensory garden, the children are able to spend time focussing their attention on something they don’t usually interact with.

“So things like the chimes, the water runs, etc, allow their attention to be focussed on to that and therefore helps them break the cycle of anything that’s bothering them.

I can’t stress it enough, our young people are at their best when they are exploring, when they’re finding out new things, and that’s a side of autism which people don’t often see. They don’t often see the willingness to engage and explore the world around them. This (new sensory playground) gives them a lovely safe space in which to do that.”

Representatives from children’s charity Wooden Spoon, including CEO Sarah Webb also took part in the build saying “We are hugely grateful to our corporate supporter Securitas Technology, whose donation has made it possible for Wooden Spoon to provide funding to build a sensory outdoor space for children with additional needs at The Walnuts School.

It has been fantastic for all those involved in the project to see first-hand the difference they are making to the lives of the children.

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