A Fresh Start

“The difference Project Turnover has made to his attitude is massive, it’s all because of them, they’ve been a big part of his life.”
– Elliot’s mum, Jo

 Project Turnover works with young people who have been excluded from school or have broken the law. The aim is to break the circuit of exclusion or crime. 

The results are impressive – 96% see an improvement in mental and physical health, 85% have returned to school and 92% have not reoffended. This is just one of the projects funded by the Braverman family and friends who raised funds for Wooden Spoon in memory of Adam, who sadly passed away suddenly in 2017, at just 29. Adam’s family would like his legacy to continue through helping children from all walks of life. 

Project Turnover uses rugby to build confidence, trust, and teamwork, and then helps the youngsters with their reintegration 

into school or the workplace. Elliot, 15, has special needs, autism, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, and OCD. He finds school challenging and was recomended by his school for the scheme. Mum, Jo, tells us how Project Turnover has helped her son Elliot: “They have supported my son so much, they’ve gone that extra mile for him. “The difference Project Turnover has made to his attitude is massive. It’s all because of them, they’ve been a big part of his life.” 

“They do boxing and rugby. In the summer they had a music and lyrics workshop, so they made their own music. There is a variety of everything there. “At home, he’s opened up a lot, matured. Elliot does workshops there – about crime, knives, and there’s one about ‘no shame in talking’, he’s been really engaged with that. “Elliot worked for the scheme for six weeks over the summer holiday. They gave him a bit of responsibility; he loved it so much. “Elliot plays rugby, he may even go to Amsterdam, where Project Turnover originated, and play Rugby 7s. They’ve given him so many opportunities.”