Game on at Gelli

A new games area in Gelli Primary School is enriching the lives of all the children at the school in The Rhondda. The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has been made possible by a £25,000 grant from Wooden Spoon Wales.

Madison’s mum Claire told Spoonews how it has helped her daughter: “My daughter has said it has helped her ball skills and social skills during playtime, as all ages use it together. Often the older children help teach the younger ones different games. “Playtime and dinners are much more fun. She also enjoys it when outside clubs come in and use it with them.”

Madison said: “It’s amazing – I love going outside, playing different ball games and learning new ball skills with children from my class and the older children.”

Lisa Pennington, leader of the G4 afterschool club, uses the MUGA daily and explains the benefits: “To have such equipment in the yard that we can use in our afterschool club is fantastic, and so beneficial to the children who attend our club. “There is no other place in the area we could take our group that would offer the same safe facility, especially during Covid. The MUGA means we have had a safe place where our children can not only play, but also improve their social and physical skills.”

Zaine’s mum Talia said: “He thinks it is fun and he believes it has helped him with his football skills.”

Tierien’s mum Kerry explained: “She enjoys using it to practise her netball skills and also enjoys competing against the boys on it. She says it is fab and really fun.”

Maui’s mum Rhian added:“My son loves playing out in the yard. It helps him as he loves to play outdoors. He likes the new area, it’s fun on break times.”

Brontë’s mum Louise said: “My daughter’s confidence in sport and team playing has grown. She loves it, and it makes breaks more enjoyable.”