Fan Dance Raises a Fan-tastic £12,000

This June, Wooden Spoon Bristol, Bath and Somerset pulled off a major feat on Welsh mountain Pen Y Fan with its first ever ‘Fan Dance’.

Over 30 brave supporters took part in a gruelling 24km SAS selection test march on the highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons. The infamous march is the world’s oldest Special Forces test and is used as the first major indicator of whether a candidate has the physical and mental aptitude to complete the legendary selection test.

On the day honours were split as the fastest overall team was Clifton Staff with a terrific time of just over 3 hours. In the pupils competition it was Millfield captained by Ioan Emmanuel that took the prize.  While Wooden Tops are currently in the lead in having raised the most as a team, though this may change over the next week as more money comes in it’s getting very close.

Participants taking part on the day said:

“We were very lucky and after some gusts of wind and a brief rain shower as we left the iconic phone box we were gifted perfect weather conditions. Later in the day the good weather brought out the spectators, dog walkers and day trippers who were all very encouraging”.

“It was a tough challenge and hats off to the young soldiers who face the trek on selection, with more weight on their back than me, in every type of weather the Breacon Beacons has to throw at them”.

“The event was superbly marshalled with military precision and on the mountain I felt safe in the knowledge had I, at any stage, been unfit to continue the Directing Staff and Doctor had a contingency plan to evacuate me or any member of my team”.

“I was very happy to get back to the phone box in one piece where I was presented with my cloth badge”.

“It was great to see the challenge being undertaken by people of all ages including sixth form students from a number of well-known rugby playing schools. I’ll be back next year to better my time and to help Wooden Spoon continue to make a difference”.

Thank you to all the participants who took part and everyone who came and supported on the day.  Special thanks to Sub Sea who sponsored the event ensuring every penny raised goes towards supporting vulnerable children living in the local area.