Sun, Rain and Messy Mud

Wooden Spoon Wales made a donation of £20,000 to fund an outdoor activity and play area for this centre in Nantgaredig, Carmarthen, which provides a sanctuary for children aged 5-19 outside of their school and family lives

For Sophie, full-time caring for her son Alexander can be exhausting, and the time spent at Carmarthen Breakthro’ is a lifeline. Alexander’s mum shares the challenges their family faces, saying: “FOXG1 syndrome is a ridiculously cute name for a condition that can be ridiculously cruel and it’s what my son was diagnosed with two years ago. “Alexander, who’s unable to talk, has a delightful smile, combined with a rather charming, naughty but nice attitude. He has a lust for life, a love of chaos and delights in all messy play. However, caring for Alexander is difficult and the energy required isn’t to be underestimated.”

With regular groups attending sessions at the activity centre, the children and parents have developed friendships and support networks over time, which is fantastic, not only for the children, but also for their parents.

“This is where Breakthro’ and its dedicated team of amazing staff come into their own,” Sophie says. “Breakthro’ has been an essential part of our lives for over five years now. Alexander can go where I know he’s safe, cared for and entertained. I know that when I drop him off I can relax, in the knowledge that he’ll have had a good time. “Alexander loves being outside, he enjoys the rain, the sun and the mud! Having an accessible playground within a safe environment is just brilliant. It teaches children how to balance and to move, and also how to take turns, to be part of a friendship group – to enjoy being outside within a safe framework of play expectation and exploration