Skye Ride

Columba 1400 helps young people discover their true potential. Wooden Spoon Scotland provided a grant of £7,500 towards a minibus to help transport young people taking part in Columba 1400 activities on the Isle of Skye.

Skye Ride

Working alongside young people, Columba 1400 helps them explore their core values and unlock their inner strength, so they can make a difference to their community and transform their sense of identity, their confidence and their ambition.
Marysia tells us what Columba 1400 has done for her:

“Before I started my Columba 1400 Leadership Academy, I was terrified. I was shy and always preferred to stay within my comfort zone. I hadn’t really been away from home before.”

“At the beginning, the sessions were quite stressful as I didn’t know my group, but with team building activities, the group bonded slowly. There was anticipation on the minibus going up to Skye. The were so welcoming and warm, with no judgement. I felt safe and secure there.

“There was a lot of talking about our feelings and we all struggled with confidence because of the school and community that we came from. The activities we did on our residential week on Skye focused on our leadership, and some were quite emotional. Taking part helped me realise who I want to be. A big change was that it stopped me prejudging people. Previously, I got frustrated with those around me that were angry, but I’ve realised that there are stories behind the behaviours.

“It’s made me think how can I use what I learnt in my daily life and in the future. If I hadn’t had this experience, I wouldn’t have been able to do some of the amazing things I’ve done since then including my job as a youth worker in my local community. “The support of Wooden Spoon and the funding of the new minibus means that many more young people will be able to experience what I did and take part in a Columba 1400 Leadership Academy – thank you to everyone that has made that possible.”

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