Changing lives through wheelchair rugby

Offer more opportunities, make a difference, raise awareness and change lives. 

Your generous donations and support of Wooden Spoon across the UK have done all of this and so much more over the last 12 months. 

In Warwickshire, we were delighted to support the Coventry Rugby Community Foundation with a donation of £12,800 to fund three rugby wheelchairs. 

Keen rugby player, George Davies, whose cerebral palsy affects both his legs and right arm, explains what a difference the wheelchairs have made. 

George plays wheelchair rugby

George said: “These three new chairs have had such a big impact on the club. They give us the chance to recruit more players and build our team bigger and stronger.  

“But they also allow us to raise more awareness for this amazing sport as they can be used and showcased at open days and events for future players and sponsors to get a feel for the sport and what it’s all about.  

“We can’t thank Wooden Spoon and everyone who fundraised for the wheelchairs enough.” 

Explaining why he loves wheelchair rugby so much, George added: “I started playing nearly two years ago after I found out about this amazing sport through my tennis centre. 

“I’d always wanted to try the sport but never had access to it before. I went along the next week and never left. It’s safe to say I’ve caught the bug. 

“Wheelchair rugby has changed my life in more ways than one. It has helped me develop better team-working skills that can be transitioned into work life and also other sports.  

“I’ve met so many wonderful people in the time playing the sport. They may have different disabilities, but they all have the same outlook on life and that is to not let anything stop you.” 

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