Wooden Spoon ‘Sign’ Cafe funded at Swansea Centre for Deaf People

On the 18th Sept, Stuart Davies, former Swansea & Wales No 8 opened the Wooden Spoon ‘Sign’ Cafe at Swansea Centre for Deaf People.

The centre has become an important part of Hafod in Swansea, holding sign language classes and events for deaf children and their families.

The cafe, funded to the tune of £25,000 by Wooden Spoon Wales with support from long time supporters, Admiral, will not only provide refreshments, but opportunities for young deaf people to learn life skills, money management and all important communication skills.

The opportunity for families to attend together to learn and socialise means that family communication is improved, offering a much better chance of lifelong wellbeing.

Stuart was made very welcome by the group at the cafe, as was local Member of Senedd Mike Hedges and Wooden Spoon Wales committe member Anthony Evans, who has been working in/with the deaf community for over 30 years.

Young deaf rugby players and parents alike were delighted with Stuarts encouraging words.

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