“Thrive and Sensory” room project for Dines Green Academy complete

“Thrive and Sensory” room already having a significant impact on all children

Wooden Spoon Worcestershire are delighted to announce that their “Thrive and Sensory” room project for Dines Green Academy has been completed despite the pandemic and is already having a significant impact on all children.

A bigger opening launch has not been possible with the current Government restrictions but Head Teacher, Andrew Morley was able to show a small group made up mainly of the charity’s key local sponsors around the new much needed facilities.

Laura Osborne (Wooden Spoon Worcestershire) and Kellie Fieldhouse (Worcestershire Mortgage Services Ltd) are pictured in the sensory room.

Wooden Spoon Worcestershire, which is headed by Chairman, John Gibson, donated over £20,000 for the project. John said:

“We are delighted to have once again been able to provide much needed support to the wonderful county based organisations that do such tremendous work for children who really need help in normal times but the pandemic has brought its own extra complications and challenges. We cannot achieve so much without the great support of our fabulous Wooden Spoon sponsors and members”

There are lots of ways you can help Wooden Spoon support more vulnerable families. You can donate, join our membership scheme or take part in a virtual challenge