Meet our 2021 London Marathon runners!

The last 14 months has seen most events cancelled, so no one was more delighted to discover that the London Marathon has got the green light, than our 15-strong team of Wooden Spoon runners.

This year they aim to raise £30,000, which will go towards our vital work supporting vulnerable children.

You can find out more about our team below!

Simon Thomas

“I’m very excited to run the London Marathon for Wooden Spoon this year. This will be my fourth marathon and it will almost certainly be the most meaningful.

For me Rugby has given me a lot, but not in the most traditional way. As a Canadian, I’ve never actually played the sport. Throughout my life, Rugby has been the sporting language that I’ve been able to use to communicate and stay close with my grandparents who live in South Africa, even when I was living in Canada and now the UK. The South Africa 2019 World Cup victory was a touchstone moment of family unity and joy in a time that I was missing them most. Sorry England fans.

Little did I know at this point that there would be a global pandemic that would keep me apart from family in Canada and South Africa for almost two years. Throughout this time, Rugby has been there as a needed distraction from loneliness and a beacon of hope to look forward to the future. Whether it be watching Six Nations or Gallacher premiership matches, or day dreaming about my first post-covid trip to Cape Town for the lions tour or more likely the rugby sevens.

Knowing how much rugby has given to me in these difficult times, it was only fitting to try and  help out and give back to children and their families using a platform like Wooden Spoon. I plan to raise some money and awareness with the hope that children and their families can benefit from the positivity and power of Rugby.”

Stuart Hiscocks

“I’m 43, 44 on 23rd April.  I’m from Epsom in Surrey but live in Wokingham, Berkshire.

I’ve been running for almost 3 years. Started with couch to 5k and joined Finchcoasters running club just over a year ago and run 10k Tuesdays and Thursdays. Never really took to rugby at school but am an armchair fan.

I have 2 children, 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son. My son plays rugby at Bracknell RFC. My son has verbal dyspraxia and my dad has long supported Wooden Spoon. Running for a children’s charity with the rugby links was a no brainer. My girlfriend, parents and sister have been a huge support.”

James Howard

In his spare time James plays rugby in the ninth tier of national rugby, playing in the Gloucester One league. He has completed a number of half marathons and even ran the London Marathon, raising over £2,500 for charity.

“I am running for Wooden Spoon as rugby has always been a large part of my life and to help give something back to the sport that I have enjoyed being involved with.

I have been lucky when I was playing rugby that I never got seriously injured and so want to help give something back.”

James Hobson

“I’m from a village called Bredgar just outside of Sittingbourne. I have played rugby since I was 11 for Sittingbourne and as my body gets older (and more broken) I have taken up running. It started, like most people, as an activity to keep me occupied throughout lockdown and I have now become a little bit addicted!

Living in a village and the countryside of Kent, I have some amazing routes and views which have made it so much easier to put on the trainers and get outdoors.

The Wooden Spoon charity has been a big part of the rugby club and we have held several fundraising events. While it is now a lot harder to arrange and hold these events, I am hoping to do my part to keep up the amazing charity work the club does for a brilliant cause.”

Will Wright

“I’m from London originally but now live in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I was introduced to Wooden Spoon by my brother Simon who I think is known to you! – (Will’s brother, Simon was one of our LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challengers!)

I’ve always wanted to run the London Marathon so very happy to do it for Wooden Spoon this year although despite having done the Jersey Marathon twice, lockdown has lowered my fitness levels considerably and there is a lot of training to be done!”

Nev Moule

“This is my 3rd marathon and 2nd for Wooden Spoon, as an active rugby player and referee it was a no brainer for me to run for a rugby based charity. I started running due to losing a bet after a rugby tour 3 years ago and I’ve now got the running bug.”

Cara Gourlay

Andrew Daly

Cameron Byrne

Simon Wright

Gill Wright

Christopher Yannaghas

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