24-hour Summer Solstice Marathon raises £7,000 for Wooden Spoon

ON Saturday 20 June, six of our LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challengers, two of our Virgin London Marathon runners and a number of their family members (including furry friends) ran a Summer Solstice Marathon to raise much needed funds for Wooden Spoon.

To mark the longest day of the year, our brilliant supporters took on the epic challenge of running one mile on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours. The first mile began at 8am on Saturday and  finished with the final mile at 7am on Sunday 22 June.

Simon and Gill Wright deep into their 24-hour challenge

Everest Captain and Rugby World Cup winner, Tamara Taylor took on the Summer Solstice Marathon


Their hard work collectively raised a whopping £7,000 which will make such a difference to vulnerable children at a time they need our support more than ever.

Challenger, Miles Hayward said “Is running a marathon all in one go harder than over 24 hours? I’ve yet to run a full marathon of 26.2 miles in one go but having just run one over 24 hours I don’t want to do that again!”

Miles, Louise and son Joe taking on the Phoenix P24 Marathon

“The first 8 or 10 hours was ok and went quickly but as the evening drew closed and the tiredness started to be felt in I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish! The period between 1am and 4 am was horrendous, feeling so tired but knowing I had to put my trainers back on and go outside to run another mile.

The monotony of it and the mental journey was in some ways harder than the physical.”

Wooden Spoon would like to thank Tamara, Miles, Simon, Gill, Jess, Jude, Graham and David for their exceptional fundraising, and also to everyone who has donated to each fundraiser. We really appreciate your support during what is an uncertain time for charities.

Start your own virtual challenge to raise valuable funds for vulnerable children near you.

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