Former Liverpool player cuts the ribbon for a Merseyside project

FORMER England and Liverpool football player, Sammy Lee, opened the latest project financed by Wooden Spoon Merseyside. The new sensory room, at St Margaret Mary’s Infant School in Liverpool, was funded by a donation of £7,500 from the region.

Headteacher, Louise Byrne described the sensory room as ‘an integral part of our school’. She said: “So many children come here, use it and benefit from it. I wouldn’t want our school to be without it.”

She added: “Some of our children come from areas of high deprivation and experience the ups and downs in life.

“Some of our children experience a change in the family, a serious illness of a loved one, a bereavement or family breakdown. Up until now, it was limited to how we could support them and we would try to find a quiet space to talk and feel peaceful.

“That is extremely difficult with so many children, and we would often be interrupted. We would buy a few sensory toys, but the impact was limited again due to space, time and the quality of what we could afford.

“Toys would quickly be lost or broken or simply dispersed between so many children to have a real and meaningful impact. We had nowhere dedicated to their needs, but now the children come here and find it calm and peaceful.”

Liverpool player, Sammy Lee

Sammy Lee cuts the ribbon to open the new sensory room at St Margaret Mary’s Infant School in Liverpool

The impact of sensory rooms

Ex-Liverpool player, Sammy Lee, was eager to learn more about the sensory room and how it made a positive impact on the children. It was explained that the colours, shapes, lights and the feel of various equipment within the space, makes the children feel at ease.

Louise was grateful for the support Wooden Spoon has given her school, she said: “There is an increasing strain on school budgets. Our building is old, and each year we spend some money on repairs and redecoration but this leaves us little spare.

“This is where Wooden Spoon stepped in and helped us provide something of quality for the pupils here. Without them, we would not have this room, and now with it we can meet our needs.”

Once again for all present, it was a great feeling of achievement and satisfaction in providing something through the efforts of Wooden Spoon. The money raised through individual fundraisers and events has allowed us to support children with disabilities and facing disadvantage in our local area.