Children more relaxed thanks to refurbished hydrotherapy pool

WOODEN Spoon Kent were able to fund £25,000 towards a refurbishment of a hydrotherapy pool at Abbey Court School, over the summer holidays.

The children have branded hydro swim as one of their favourite activities at the school, and now have new sensory lights to make it even better.

Some pupils there will learn how to swim and gain confidence in the pool. For others, it is their moment to feel freedom of movement that is not always possible outside of the pool.

The new sensory lights provides visual lighting effects which presents the children with a calm atmosphere in their session. Overall, this has had a huge positive effect to their swimming and development, and helps the children feel more relaxed, alert and happy.

The addition of sensory lights has allowed pupils to become more relaxed in the hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy pools are extremely tactile experiences, but with the addition of this equipment they can create an amazing multi-sensory resource.

Abbey Court School have created a fully functioning sensory hydrotherapy pool with colour wash lighting, projection effects, a bubble maker, LED clouds and sound, resulting in an engaging and relaxing area.

The school worked alongside Mike Ayres Design, who has 40 years of expertise building sensory rooms and pools all over Europe and the UK.

With his help, the school were able to plan and design a specific environment that meet the needs of all of their pupils. They have installed equipment that will benefit the pupils learning, development and engagement.

The children have branded hydro swim as one of their favourite activities at the school

Since returning from the summer break, the teachers have been trained on how to use the equipment. The staff have commented on how relaxed the pupils are and the enjoyment they are showing within the new environment.

Abbey Court would like to thank Wooden Spoon Kent for their support and financial commitment to the project, without which, it would not have been possible to achieve.