The magic ingredient – corporate partners

The landscape for corporates working with charities has changed. Gone are the days of one-off donations. Relationships now develop between charities and corporates, where they are nurtured. Both parties meet and understand how they can benefit each other. Corporates want to know and understand where their money is going and how it will impact the cause they are raising funds for. They want to be able to re-visit and see the progress being made over a period of time.

The recent Rugbytots London to Paris Cycle Challenge raised in excess of £200,000 for Wooden Spoon. This is an incredible amount, which we couldn’t achieve without our partner Rugbytots. So how does this work and how do other corporates get involved?
We ask our CEO, Sarah Webb:

Sarah Webb, CEO Wooden Spoon

How long have Wooden Spoon worked with corporate partners?
“Wooden Spoon is built on a foundation of corporate support. From the very first golf day back in 1983 when most corporates stemmed from the motor industry, through to our varied corporate supporters of today.

What are the challenges for Wooden Spoon when working with corporates?
It’s raising our profile and being heard, in what is becoming an increasingly crowded market place. It’s also escaping the myth about a “hard” sell with charities. For Wooden Spoon, its simple, the more money we raise, the more we can distribute to those that need it most.

What does Wooden Spoon value most about our relationship with corporate partners?
I really value the personal relationships that not just I, but all of the Wooden Spoon team and regions build with our corporate partners. Behind every corporate partner are people, who we build long term relationships that truly make a difference. For example, we have worked with TNT for over 20 years.

Can any corporate work with Wooden Spoon?
I would like to say yes, we can customise the level of engagement and opportunities as much as possible. As long as the corporate fitted in with our charitable aims and values we would always seek to find a suitable level of engagement. For example, we have a small in-house team who can work with corporates to add to their CSR and employee engagement programs.

What makes Wooden Spoon unique?
We are able to give our corporate partners the transparency to their fundraising spend. They can really feel involved and we want them to enjoy not just their fundraising activities, but also the choice of projects and communities they can support, and continue to see the progress and development over time.

What recent relationship or activities are a good reference example?
Most recently this has been our relationship with Rugbytots. Which started in 2015 and is made up of over 100 franchises in the UK offering courses to children aged 2-5 years. They have a bi-annual fundraising program with a tryathlon and a cycle challenge (most recently Rugbytots London to Paris cycle challenge).

Rugbytots London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2019

For Rugbytots, working with Wooden Spoon, their feedback to us has been they find it invaluable to be able to see where and how the money they have raised is spent. I think the formula Rugbytots utilises is also part of their success, Max Webb (CEO) and David Hughan push hard the message that they work with fortunate families with predominantly able bodied children across their business – they encompass their franchisees, coaches, families and friends and everyone feels a part of it. That teamwork approach is why they are so successful. I am regularly left with nothing to say after Max has addressed a group as he has so succinctly encapsulated what Wooden Spoon are and what we deliver. We are very lucky that Rugbytots choose to work with us and keep pushing the message of ‘Children that have, raising money for children who often have not’,”

If you or your business would like to know more about Wooden Spoon and supporting us, please contact Ian Lindsay.

Rugbytots London to Paris Cycle Challenge overview video, the full length video is on our YouTube channel.