All Inclusive Adventure Play Area

LAST year Wooden Spoon Surrey and Rugbytots helped fund an adventure play area at St Joseph’s specialist School in Cranleigh.   Last month Wooden Spoon went back to see how the children were using the equipment and how much they are benefiting from the sensory play equipment

Tractor fun

St Joseph’s specialist school is an inclusive Catholic community where integrated  therapy, care and education meets the needs of those with  complex learning difficulties to reach their full potential  regardless of starting points and individual challenges.

There are approximately 70 children at St Joseph’s specialist school, each of those have 2 to 3 dedicated members of staff.

On top of the tractor

Prior to the new sensory adventure play area there was already a playground but it was very tired and in much need of updating. The staff at St Joseph’s school said that they could not put a price on the play equipment that was constructed as it is not something that could be bought off the shelf.  The tractor, a bespoke piece of equipment, needed to be big and sturdy enough to support a young adult but still be a safe piece of equipment.  The sensory playground, with the tractor as an integral part, is used as part of the curriculum as well as being a safe and interesting refuge for a child who may be having difficulty focusing in class.

The tractor

The seating area, which is open on all side to ensure safe guarding of the children and the staff is a calm, safe area and is benefiting those pupils with behavioural difficulties providing a safe space away from other children who may disturb their calming strategies.

It was a joy to see the children and young adults interacting and getting pleasure form the sensory play equipment.


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