Children grow in confidence in Hydrotherapy Pool

Last month, Wooden Spoon revisited Newlands School for children with special educational needs in Greater Manchester.

Two years ago, Wooden Spoon Manchester and Cheshire helped fund a specialist sensory equipment for the schools hydrotherapy pool with a £13,000 grant. The sensory equipment includes lighting and a surround sound system which enables teachers to play music for the children to enjoy in the pool.

The now fully equipped ‘Dream Pool’ offers a calming environment for the children where they are relax and have fun.

The more the children use the pool, the more their self belief and confidence in the water grows. Teachers at Newlands have seen massive improvements in the children’s communication between their peers – the pool provides a place where the children can help each other swim, share toys and play games together.  This video shows some of the children at Newlands School having fun and learning to swim in the ‘Dream Pool’

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