Eastern Counties teams up with Rugbytots for DelBoy

FUNDING from Wooden Spoon Eastern Counties and Rugbytots enabled the Sugarloaf RDA in Orsett, Essex, to purchase a 16.1 hand grey Irish draught horse. The new horse, DelBoy, will be a great addition for the heavier riders at the school.

Sugarloaf RDA aims to improve the lives of people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and other disabilities by providing opportunities that can benefit them through horse riding. The RDA has found that riding enriches  lives, by encouraging confidence, core strength, co-ordination and physical health. And most of all, they have fun!

Sugarloaf RDA - DelBoy with Sally

Pictured is this gentle giant with Sally on board. They have already won a Walking Dressage Competition!

Wooden Spoon Eastern Counties are pleased to continue their support of the Riding for the Disabled  Association in the region.

To hear more about the work of Eastern Counties and how you can get involved please email the committee on