Running spoon attempts World Record at London Marathon!

Woody - TNT Fedex - London Marathon

Matthew Griffiths will be running as a piece of cutlery in the London Marathon 2019 in support of Wooden Spoon.

WITH ONLY 10 days to go before race day, we have a very exciting fundraiser to share with you. Matthew Griffiths; Customer Relations Manager at FedEx/TNT (Wooden Spoon charity partner), is going to attempt to break a world record for running a marathon as an item of cutlery – and he, very aptly is going to be running as a wooden spoon!

Matthew approached Guinness World Records and after submitting all the costume details they accepted it as a valid world record attempt to be adjudicated on the day. With the aim of finishing in around five hours, marathon training for Matthew has been a high priority, especially as running in the suit is understandably very difficult.

“It restricts my leg stride, and although quite light, it is cumbersome and awkward to run in, my visibility is very blinkered and it is so hot inside the suit, leading to a great amount of sweat, but hopefully no tears!”

The hotter it is on the day, the more difficult the challenge especially as he will not be allowed to remove the wooden spoon suit at any point during the event. Training in the suit has been essential for Matthew to help him radiate his core temperature.

Of course, the main focus for Matthew is not the world record attempt; but the projects that his fundraising can help towards to benefit children with disabilities or facing disadvantage are the reason that he is taking on The Virgin Money London Marathon. “In truth I would just like to raise as much money as possible for such a deserving cause, and hopefully raise a lot of awareness too. Everything else is just a fringe benefit. Although a big burger and a pint will be very welcome at the finish, providing I can still walk!”

If you would like to show your support for Matthew Griffiths, please visit his Wooden Spoon JustGiving page. You can also follow him on Twitter – @Griffalo1977, Instagram – bowie_runner or Facebook – matt.griffiths.319