Sensory room for Wherry School

THE WHERRY School in Norwich recently celebrated the opening of a new sensory room, funded through a donation from Wooden Spoon Eastern Counties. Unlike most sensory rooms, The Wherry School’s room is entirely set around movement and the calming effect of hanging seating with vertical and circular movement.

Wherry School sensory room Nov 2018

Sensory room focuses on the calming effect of hanging seating with vertical and circular movement.

The Wherry School is a new special needs school specialising in encouraging autistic youngsters of all levels to attain a major achievement in education, with some targeting Oxbridge as their goal. This is the only school of its type serving the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk. 

Children who are autistic very often also have many sensory issues. This massively impacts on their day to day life. If sensory issues are not addressed they not only prevent the children from truly accessing their education but also massively impacts on their health and wellbeing. By offering autistic children Sensory Integration Therapy through rooms such as this, it helps them learn how to self-regulate. This means that over time they can manage their many sensory issues without so much adult intervention. This is hugely important for them now but also in the future. 

Autistic children need to be taught how to manage their senses. This is something most people take for granted. When children become sensory overloaded, which is very common with autistic children, it can result in anxiety levels increasing, learning decreasing and managing behaviour almost impossible.

A spokesperson from the school commented:

The new sensory room will make such a big difference. It will mean that no child will go without. Having children who can learn better, be happier and understand themselves more has a hugely positive impact not only on the school environment but also on family life.

There was a large group of visitors for the opening, including eight participants from the region’s Club Together 2017 charity cycle ride, which raised the funds that enabled the donation to be provided to The Wherry School.

Wherry School sensory room opening Nov 2018

Opened by Mark Loveday and Morris Peacock.

The official ribbon cutting was performed by Mark Loveday of Loveday and Partners and Morris Peacock of Howes Percival LLP, both of whom undertook the cycle ride. The school put on a very large and tasty buffet for all and visitors were then taken on a tour of the facilities.

Eastern Counties would like to thank the Club Together 2017 committee, the riders and volunteers who through their efforts made projects like this possible.

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