Trim Trail encourages healthier lifestyle and social interaction

THE Wooden Spoon Trim Trail at Baginton Fields School, Coventry, is a permanent new pathway around the school field which enables pupils to access the outdoors in any weather, particularly those in wheelchairs who were previously unable to do so.

Baginton Fields School, Will Maisey opens trim trail

Coventry fly-half Will Maisey enjoys the new Wooden Spoon Trim Trail at Baginton Fields School.

Many pupils walk around the field before the school day begins to lower stress levels, particularly after a long journey to school so they can begin lessons feeling calmer. During inclement weather or in the winter and wetter months this was impractical before the new walkway. Participating in a sensory walk is an essential part of the school day as it helps students regulate sensory input and manage any overload.

Baginton Fields School project opening

Trim Trail around the school field.

Wooden Spoon Warwickshire funded £9,000 of the £11,000 cost of the Trim Trail which goes around the perimeter of the school field and makes the field accessible for all students in all weathers. It has helped school encourage students to understand the benefits of exercise and on most days you can see a number of classes taking part in the mile a day walk.

The Trim Trail was officially opened by Will Maisey the Coventry fly-half along with members of Wooden Spoon Warwickshire and John Blundell, the Lord Mayor of Coventry. During the opening the whole school community took part in a walk along the trail which ended with everyone receiving a medal.

Baginton Fields School trim trail

The new trim trail is accessible for all pupils at the school.

Baginton Fields School is an LEA maintained school in Coventry for children with a range of complex needs. The school has recognised there is a problem with poor health and obesity amongst a number of its pupils which in many cases isn’t being addressed at home. One of the school’s aims is to place more emphasis on pupils becoming healthier and fitter – the Wooden Spoon Trim Trail is an essential part of this as it helps to encourage students to walk or cycle a mile every day. As well as promoting a healthier lifestyle an added benefit is the enhanced social interaction for all participants.

There are 100 pupils on the school register aged between 11 and 19 who all presently benefit from this activity. In addition a further 50 students who work with Baginton Fields from neighbouring schools, and around 10 siblings and children attending summer activities see approximately 220 children benefiting from the Wooden Spoon Trim Trail.

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