Chiverton RDA celebrates 50 years

AT THE invitation of the RDA in Cornwall representatives of Wooden Spoon Cornwall attended the 50th year celebrations of the RDA at the Chiverton Riding stables, in Cornwall on 15th March 2018.Chiverton RDA

Having already provided a donation of £4,500 to the charity to buy two new horses, George (black) & Freddie (skewbald) to join others already at the stables used to provide specialist riding and carriage driving lessons for disabled people, it was a privilege to be invited back to join in the celebrations and see the amazing role they play in providing fun, laughter and enjoyment to so many young people with sensory, physical and learning disabilities.

The centre is completely self-funded and relies on donations and volunteers to provide specially trained horses that helped disabled people develop their confidence, their core strength and balance and communication skills in a fun way.

As the children’s charity for rugby this is exactly the type of project we at Wooden Spoon Cornwall strive to assist through our fund raising activities to support children and young people with disabilities in our local area providing them with the opportunity to ‘shine’ locally with the support of the community.

The photos taken at the event show George and Freddie in all their finery, Wooden Spoon plaques with their names painted on wooden spoons and rosettes in the distinctive Wooden Spoon colours.

You can help make a real difference to children and young people with disabilities or facing disadvantage by sponsoring your own horse. Find out more about our partnership with the RDA.