Hydrotherapy pool on track thanks to £25k donation

THIRD November 2017 was the official handover date of Wooden Spoon Devon‘s latest project – a £25k ‘state of the art’ hoist system for the hydrotherapy pool at Vranch House in Exeter.

Vranch House is an independent day school for children with significant physical difficulties, mostly cerebral palsy. Their all important hydrotherapy pool was over 40 years old and in great need of refurbishment. It’s changing facilities were very inadequate and relied on a single hoist to lift children in and out of the pool.

Vranch hydrotherapy pool

Now, thanks to the £25k donated by Wooden Spoon Devon, they have the benefit of 34 metres of ceiling track linking all of the changing rooms, toilets and the pool itself. Additionally, there are now three motorised hoisting units and five motorised turntables on the track, meaning that more children can be transferred at one time and everything can happen much quicker, saving the children from getting cold and making much better use of the time for hydrotherapy.

Tom Warren, project manager said, “The hoist system is one of the central and most crucial components in the upgrade of our hydrotherapy pool. It’s presence makes hydrotherapy so much easier on a daily basis for our many users and adds significantly to the wonderful facility we now have.”

The official handover was made by ‘Mr England’ Peter Cross on behalf of Wooden Spoon and we are grateful to him for his support and enthusiasm for our projects in Devon.