Four rugby wheelchairs donated to Exeter Hawks

WE ARE pleased to announce that project approval has been given for Wooden Spoon Devon to commit £11,500 to the Exeter Hawks Wheelchair Rugby Club.

Exeter Hawks Wheelchair Rugby Club

This funding will allow them to purchase four specialised rugby wheelchairs, two for attack positions, two for defence.

Wheelchair rugby funding from Wooden Spoon Devon
Exeter Hawks was formed in 2015 in partnership with the West Country Hawks Team based in Plymouth, beginning with their coaching staff travelling to Exeter each week and bringing borrowed equipment with them.

Our support means that the new club is now building up its own set of wheelchairs and so ensuring the long-term success of the club in the area. The group meets to train and play every week and already has a regular membership of 16 or more young people keen to learn.

The club and its new wheelchairs will give children and young people the ability to participate in sport in a team environment, which has a positive impact on mental health, social interaction and even physiotherapy.

They are already enjoying success and recognition – one of their rising stars is Tilly who is only 14. She has been playing for only 2 years but is already setting her sights on selection for a future Paralympics. A great reason in itself for us to be supporting such a great local organisation.

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