Chilterns ‘rock the moor’

ON Saturday 20th May, for the ninth year running, a 1980s rock concert took place on Cookham Moor in Berkshire to a capacity crowd of 10,000, with Wooden Spoon as one of three recipient charities.

Chiltern rock concert
This is one of several concerts around the country run by a company headed by Nick Billinghurst, but is believed to be the only one dedicated to charity, thanks to Mike Clark, a great Wooden Spoon supporter and event organiser.

Wooden Spoon are one of three main recipient charities, with a donation exceeding £10,000 in each of the past three years.

Barrie Mair, Chairman of Wooden Spoon Chilterns said: “The day was unfortunately overcast, with occasional squally rain, but that did not deter the devoted followers of 1980s music, who arrived in droves, with family, friends, tents, kagools and umbrellas.

“Wooden Spoon had their usual marquee, and for the first time, the Wooden Spoon decorated van, which provided much comment.

“Eight tired helpers eventually escaped homeward from the site about 11.30 pm, happy in the knowledge that a sizeable donation would be forthcoming yet again.”

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