New adventure playground gives children with special needs more opportunities for play

OVER a year ago Wooden Spoon donated £25,000 towards an adventure playground at Henry Tyndale School and we recently visited to see how the children are enjoying it.

Henry Tyndale is a Community Special School for approximately 120 pupils, who have complex learning difficulties across the age range from two to nineteen years.

Rob Thompson, Headteacher at Henry Tyndale said: “Things are built around the individual child.  Children come first and we build around their needs. Play is important to all children  but especially those with special needs and ironically they get fewer opportunities for play.”

“As well as getting them active, it is great for their social skills but also includes all the children together and that is really important to us.”

Carly Hooper, Mum to pupil, Callum, 11 said: “without Wooden Spoon, the adventure playground would not be here.  The more projects like these that can be funded, the better as they enhance the lives of children so much.”

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