Bedfordshire Celebrate a Marathon Effort by George and James

WOODEN Spoon Bedford took to the streets of London to cheer on local boys James Wooton and George Davies as they ran the London Marathon in aid of the children’s charity of rugby.

James and George, who finished with times of 4:47 and 4:00 respectively, were cheered on in the final mile by members of the Bedfordshire region, family and friends. James even being handed a fruit bar to help his final push to the line.

James Wootton VLM 2017

James gives us his view on the day:

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and supported me at the London Marathon last month. A massive big thank you to Ollie and Lisa and the gang for coming all the way from Bedford to support me.”

“I felt very privileged to have you guys cheering me on. The impromptu snack was just the ticket and at such a crucial time. It got me to the finish line. A finish line which saw me on the BBC thanks to you guys supplying me with an inflatable Wooden Spoon!! Yes, the inflatable spoon got on national TV and could be seen raised aloft as I ran down The Mall to the finish. Blink and you would miss it, but yes it was on TV. My claim to fame.”

“My total fundraising so far is just over £3k and there may be more to add. Overall it was a fantastic day and I am proud to have finished and collected my medal with pride. I look forward to supporting the Wooden Spoon runners next year!”

George tells his story:
“Wow what a day! for me, the journey started at Christmas with training going exceptionally well and putting in some very quick times. Five weeks ago I got stopped in my tracks when my left toe flared up and then caused my right hamstring to go in my last 20-mile race before the off. “The last four weeks have been diffic, lt to say the least, with trying to get my limbs back in one piece (and look after my dear wife and children). Only 2 weeks ago I was on the verge of pulling out as could not run 2 miles. Confidence was gained when I managed 8 miles last weekend!”

“At the start yesterday I put everything behind me and went for it, I had mentally run the race a number of times and knew what I needed to do. I started off running an average pace of 8.35 bang on for 3.45 hours, I hit 8 miles and I was in no pain ! When I hit mile 13 and tower bridge and soaked up the amazing atmosphere, I felt great, head down and back into my rhythm. I still felt great at mile 16, then the left toe flared up, by mile 17 the right hamstring tightened, then my right foot second toe hurt (After the race found that a blood blister under my toenail had forced it off), left hamstring went tight, wanted to stop, dug in, knew the Wooden Spoon guys were at mile 25 and focused on the bridge running down the embankment, was surprised when everyone was not quite where I expected them. This gave me more adrenalin and a brave face, dug in 1.5 miles to go, my average time was slipping away and I could do nothing about it. I turned at Big Ben, knowing I had to go quicker, I tried and tried but nothing happened, turned the last corner found something from somewhere and finished the race. I have never been so tired exhausted, in pain and emotional in my life.”

“7 secs over 4 hours with the last 10 not in my plan – I will take that I had nothing left to give.”

“Thank you for giving me the place I have loved the journey, and very proud of what I have done for Wooden Spoon. My fundraising is up to £4,712 to date (Mon 24th April) with a further £900 in gift aid.

“I have raised over £11,000 in two years for two great causes (Willen Hospice and Wooden Spoon) but I am done with Marathons!”

George Davies Medal