Students Sporting Sock Exchange Initiative

Come and join in on the fun and stand out on the rugby pitch when wearing our Wooden Spoon rugby socks to raise money for local children!

Take a look at the students and staff at Sevenoaks School, they altered their sartorial style by pulling up their Wooden Spoon socks in support of the children’s charity of rugby. Members of the independent schools rugby and hockey teams raised £2,000 by taking to the field for fixtures wearing socks sporting Wooden Spoon’s distinctive stripes.

The stripe change was the brainchild of sports staff Sean Holden and Jamie Cullen and was embraced by more than 300 pupils. Sean, head of boy’s games at Sevenoaks School, said: “We aim to develop rounded young people who are fully prepared to go on and make the most of their lives. Our pupils are very fortunate so engaging in charitable activity such as this is a very important life lesson. I am proud but not at all surprised with the energy and enthusiasm of our pupils who have grasped this opportunity with both hands.”

“The simple act of wearing the Wooden Spoon socks will help the charty support children and young people with disabilities or facing disadvantages.”

Jai Purewal, Wooden Spoon’s Director of Rugby and Community Investment, added: “Who would have thought that the simple act of buying and wearing socks could capture people’s attention and rise a fantastic amount to help those who need support? We very much hope that other schools follow Sevenoaks’s example and get involved!”


For more information please email us at or 01252 773720