Widnes Vikings team up with Wooden Spoon

Widnes Vikings became the first Rugby League side to be associated with Wooden Spoon as a partner club and the charitable arm of Widnes Vikings, The Vikings Sports Foundation, extended their partnership with the children’s charity of rugby.

Widnes Vikings were proud to announce the extension of their partnership with the national children’s charity, Wooden Spoon. The announcement was marked by Vikings star and ambassador for the project, Corey Thompson, making a visit to Ashley School in Widnes.

The Vikings Sports Foundation, the charitable arm of Widnes Vikings, is teaming up with the ‘Spoon Rugby Drive’ project for a second year. The partnership will see Vikings coaches visit local special schools across Halton and the surrounding area, delivering fun touch rugby sessions. These will give young people with learning and physical disabilities greater opportunities to participate in the sport.

Spoon Rugby Drive will also offer schools the opportunity to participate in festivals at the Halton Stadium, where they will meet Widnes Vikings players, and the Wooden Spoon National Tag Rugby Tournament. The project will reach over 300 children this year.

Widnes Vikings will also be working supporting the Wooden Spoon Partner Club Programme.  This will see the Club partner with local Rugby League community clubs to raise funds for both them and projects helping children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage.

Speaking at Ashley School, Corey Thompson, said: “At Widnes Vikings, we are proud to be an inclusive Club and as players, we all enjoy days like this. I’m delighted that the Club will be offering young people with learning and physical disabilities such exciting opportunities to participate in our sport.”



Stan Bagshaw, Chairman of Wooden Spoon Merseyside, said: “We are delighted that the funds raised by Wooden Spoon Merseyside are helping to this project. Wooden Spoon is inspired by our values of passion, integrity, teamwork and fun. The work Widnes Vikings carries out with local schools also inspires rugby values – it’s a hands-on project with positive results.”

Wooden Spoon Rugby Manager, Matt Mitchell, commented: ‘“Wooden Spoon are delighted to be partnering with Widnes Vikings. We are inspired by our rugby roots and value partnerships with clubs like The Vikings, working together to make a difference in our local communities. ”

He added, “A huge thank you goes to Corey, all the players and wider team at Widnes Vikings, who are helping making a difference to children’s lives through the power of rugby.”

Richard Munson, Community Director at Widnes Vikings, said, “Wooden Spoon are a fantastic charity, who share our vision of supporting children in our community through the power of Rugby League. The first year of our partnership saw our Community Team deliver several great projects to local special schools –  we are looking forward to building upon this success.”

He continues, “We are proud to sign up to the Partner Club programme and hope that our local community clubs can join us in this effort. All money we raise will be reinvested into local projects like Spoon Rugby Drive and the community clubs themselves’.

Widnes Vikings and Wooden Spoon will be working together on a number of fundraising initiatives across the year, including a luncheon and a special match takeover.