Sports Presenter Jill Douglas unveils new sensory room for The Shrubberies School

Wooden Spoon Gloucestershire were pleased to invite Jill Douglas to the opening of the new sensory room at The Shrubberies where an incredible £22,500 was gifted!

“This sensory room enables the teachers and staff to control the sensory input our students experience and so meeting their needs. It provides an environment that can be altered to their individual needs. This can not only reduce anxiety but also facilitate learning.  It will, I am sure, benefit present and future students, enhancing their learning experience. It was a real pleasure to welcome  Jill Douglas and members of Wooden Spoon to officially open it. It is the generous donation of Wooden Spoon that has allowed us to develop this room.  It was a delight to be able to say thank you. The students were very enthusiastic to welcome our visitors, showing them the equipment in the room  and sharing their experiences.  We were able to show our appreciation at this very special occasion” – Wendy Newby, Deputy Teacher

“What a warm welcome we received at The Shrubberies School and it was wonderful to see how proud the youngsters are of their fantastic school and to show off their hugely impressive new Sensory Room. You can see immediately the impact this new facility has had on the school, the team there, the pupils, and their families. It is a valuable resource and as a Wooden Spoon ambassador I was delighted to be involved in the official opening. This is the kind of project we love to support at Spoon because we can see the impact it can have, and how much fun the children take from experiencing the lights, sounds and vibrations of the Sensory Room.” – Jill Douglas, Sports Presenter