Talk of a joint venture for Wooden Spoon Shropshire

Wooden Spoon member, Glyn Dobbs, recently attended an Ironbridge Rotary Club evening after Wooden Spoon member and ex-club Rotary Club member, Chris Bristow invited him along to the event.

The meeting proved a huge success, with the members showing great interest in the charity and projects Wooden Spoon have funded. Both parties were enthusiastic about the prospect of getting together for joint ventures in the future and look forward to seeing this new friendship grow.

Ironbridge Rotary Club Evening

Front Row:- Max Clowes, President of Ironbridge Rotary; David Jeffries, incoming President on 1st July                        Back Row :- Glyn Dobbs, Chairman Shropshire Wooden Spoon; Chris Bristow, Wooden Spoon Member”