The Wooden Spoon Marauders compete at Amsterdam Sevens

It was a great tournament once again in Amsterdam. The sun was shining and the threatened storms stayed away for the weekend.

The young Wooden Spoon Marauders team entered the tournament confident and with an objective to win.

With big names such as Samurai International, Suzie’s Saloon, Georgia, Kenya and Fiji Barracudas the tournament was going to be tough.

Day One

The first game for the Marauders was against Projecx Waterboys from Scotland. Despite initial pressure from the Waterboys, the Marauders defensive line was excellent and the team won the match 19-12.

Next up was the match against Chicken Milano 7s from Italy, a team that have previously done well in Amsterdam. Once again, the defensive tactics from the Marauders was excellent which led to a well deserved score of 57-0.

The final game in the pool was against Transact Pro, a team who’s players compile the core of the Latvian 7s team. The Marauders won the game with a score of 27-7.

The Marauders did incredibly well coming out at the top of their pool and entering the Silver Pier on Day two. Well done boys.

Day Two

The first match of the second day was against the Fiji Barracudas; unfortunately the Marauders lost their defensive line for the first time in the tournament and lost the game with a score of 26-5.

At this stage in the tournament the Marauders were three men down due to injury.  The Marauders started the game under a lot of pressure, but managed to gain their shape back in the second half but ultimately could not match the experience in the Suzie’s side, who went on to beat Kenya 34-20 in the finals. The Marauders lost the game with a score of 45-5.

The Marauders have the basis of an excellent squad of young players and are getting better at every tournament. The effect of the training sessions can be seen in the way the defensive line is working. When the team turn on the heat, they are a very difficult team to stop.

Well done boys for the great effort you are putting in and a special thanks to Gareth and Keith for helping to develop your skills and teamwork.

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